Toy Soldier / Banner Sponsorship

We know it’s been a difficult year with rising costs on everything! Fortunately, the soldiers and banners displayed in Downtown Lorain aren’t changing their cost! The donation is the same as past years: $200.00 for a new soldier or banner and just $100.00 for a renewal soldier or banner. This is a great opportunity for you to support Lorain during the Christmas Season. Over 6000 families see the beautiful lights, displays, fireworks, visit Santa Land and other activities on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

All donations go directly to support equipment purchases and Holiday decorations in Downtown Lorain. Lorain Winterfest is a free family friendly festival providing opportunities for families to visit Downtown, Santa!! and Trees and Trains during the Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the holiday season. Please consider being a part of this gift to the City of Lorain.

Personalized Banner or Toy Soldier Sponsor -

$ 200 new/$100 renewal

Downtown light pole banners or toy soldiers for business, city/county officials, schools, nonprofits, or families. Sponsor banner or toy soldier, proudly displaying their name and logo, remains posted from November 15 through January 31. Sponsor has the option to renew in every year for just $100.

The form for sponsorship is attached. Please mail your donation before as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call Joyce Rhodes at (440)308-6824 or email Joyce at [email protected] .

Thank you for your support!!

Joyce Rhoded
Lorain Winterfest Chairwoman

Click the Toy Soldier below to view, print, or download the Toy Soldier Sponsor form.

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